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Park Rules & Etiquette

As any Big Prairie Township Parks Camper can attest, there is something truly wonderful about camping in the Big Prairie Township Parks making memories, enjoying new experiences and adventures. But nothing can ruin a getaway faster than a bad neighbor.

As such, we have developed the following list of camping and RVing etiquette; a list of things you can do to make your (and everyone around you) camping experience as wonderful as possible.

  1. Late or early arrivals. Road travel can be unpredictable but should you arrive before or after the resort’s hours of operation be mindful of how long your vehicle idles as other residents are likely enjoying a good night’s sleep.

  2. Respect your neighbor’s personal space. While our sites are quite spacious, be mindful of your neighbor’s space when extending your slide-outs and awning. Also when walking, resist the urge to cut through other guest’s sites. Treat it as you would any neighbor’s property.

  3. Curb your dog. While we welcome your four-legged friend, your neighbors may not be as welcoming. When outside of your RV with your dog, be sure to always keep them on a leash and pick up their mess (Bag it!). Keep barking to a minimum after dark.

  4. Driving on the premises. Speed limits are posted for a reason so be sure to follow them when driving in the resort. Speeding can have deadly consequences with so many pedestrians out and about. If you are using a second vehicle during your stay, be conscious of where you are parked so that it isn’t in the way of anyone trying to get in or out of their site. Golf Carts are not allowed in the Park.

  5. Fires. Everyone enjoys a fire pit but they can have disastrous consequences if left unattended, especially around fuel-filled RVs and vehicles. The same goes for your grill -- make sure your charcoal briquets and camp fire embers are completely extinguished before retiring for the night.

  6. Quiet hours. Relaxing in the great outdoors is part of the allure of RVing but be mindful of the noise after dark by turning off outside music as the hour gets later. External lights can also make it impossible for neighbors to sleep so turn them off when you retire to your RV. If you happen to be using a generator, don’t run it in the late evening or early morning.

  7. Cleanliness. No one likes a messy neighbor so keeping your site tidy goes a long way towards keeping the peace. Be sure to dispose of any garbage properly, especially overnight when it can attract unwanted animals. When departing the resort at the end of your stay, it’s always good to keep the Scouts’ “leave no trace” principle in mind, ideally leaving your site cleaner than when you arrived.

  8. Drinking and smoking. Many people enjoy a cocktail or two when unwinding but too many drinks can quickly become a nuisance to your neighbors. Equally, if you light up a cigar or cigarette, be respectful of guests who may not appreciate the smoke in their immediate airspace and/or near their open RV windows.

  9. New friends. A great way to make new friends is by introducing yourself once you are settled in your space or after a new neighbor has had time to get situated. 

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